• The Safe Products Catalog

    Due to globalization efforts and unbridled greed, it has become difficult for buyers of first world nations to find high quality, safe goods from ethical sellers and manufacturers.  It has become virtually impossible for people to support their local and national economies.  This site is meant to be an important first step in renewing ethical shopping and supporting local industries.

    Throughout most of modern history, the first world nations were in a coveted position because their underlying Christian moral code helped their societies to set ethical standards that benefited everyone, and a sense of moral duty was reflected in business ethics that reliably yielded better products and a better employment environment for everyone.

    There are many people who share the blame for the economic condition that we are in; but what is more important is that we can fight back if we unite with like-minded individuals.  Those of us who have the birthright of being born in the Western World can save our economies.  We can honor our noble forefathers who worked so tirelessly to give us our envied standard of living.  We can support our own people, so that they may have the work that is necessary for self-respect.  We can stop supporting governmental policies and corporate pillagers who have sold-out to lesser peoples who are jealously welcoming our impending destruction.

    Certain Time Warner executives have treacherously promoted that outsourcing our industries to slave states like China is a great choice for economic prosperity. China was specifically mentioned on the cover. In another issue, they mock the U.S. Tea Party, because people who support the liberties of citizens are the enemy.

    Participation in the Safe Products Catalog for citizens is an opportunity to patriotically save their own industries while improving their own lifestyle and health.  Participation for industry is a matter of self-defense and strategic marketing against unethical competitors who are both predators and traitors.  The alternative is for us to continue economically bolstering tyrannical regimes that use slave labor at our own long-term demise.  While products made in inferior nations tend to be cheaper, we and our children will be paying a horrific long-term price for them.

    We literally are buying into evil, and former generations ought to be ashamed of us for allowing it to continue.  Our predecessors were unwilling to tolerate it.  It was not long ago when it was actually a serious crime in the United States to conduct any business with either China or the Soviet Union.  In fact, the refusal of the U.S. to do business with the former Soviet Union is what destroyed that evil empire, which had been hell-bent on eliminating all of the free nations of the world.  The Soviet Union’s history ends with a bona fide case of a boycott saving the world, so do not underestimate what we can accomplish together.  Our fathers saved the world, and I like to believe that we can do even better.  Because of them, our children do not live in fear that nuclear missiles are going to begin falling from the sky.  Many of you will remember when it was a real and terrifying concern.

    If you are a shopper or a buyer from a civilized, Christian, first world nation, then you can help us and your neighbors.  Contribute material to this site before our inheritance is completely squandered by a globalized and politically correct economic monstrosity that is going to force communism down our throats and then conquer our esteemed nations without ever firing a shot.  We either fix this mess or we must accept the hell on Earth that awaits us and our children.  Help by recommending companies and patronizing the companies listed herein.

    As health reporters for The Health Wyze Report, we noticed disturbing trends in poisonings and product recall notices.  The trend is that among the more civilized and Christian nations that the products produced are significantly better in both the percentage of products produced Poisonous made in China Warning safely and in the severity of safety issues.  An aspect that is even more disturbing is that many of the product dangers appear to be intentional by nations which have traditionally been considered the enemies of the civilized world.

    The Chinese provide the best example of industrialized, anti-social behavior.  Around the time of Christmas every year, Chinese-made toys, artificial Christmas trees and Christmas lights suddenly begin having huge levels of lead and cadmium.  The same thing happens every year with lunch boxes and school supplies whenever a new school-year begins in the U.S..  When U.S. authorities began limiting the imports of lead-laced items after implementing spot testing, the Chinese switched to using cadmium.  Cadmium has become the new Chinese poison of choice, because it is not tested for, and because cadmium is also a far worse poison in the long term.  It is almost impossible to remove it from the body, and standard chelation (detox) therapies work poorly.

    It is not only the Chinese who have a propensity for lacking ethics, but the Chinese are the worst of the worst offenders.  Because of various globalization policies from both governments and corporations, those of us from the West have been forced into using products and associating with groups that would have been beneath our society’s standards in previous generations.

    This site was created to obtain a better lifestyle for us and to help democratic societies to stop supporting evil empires, whether those empires are corporate or governmental.  Our treasonous opponents would like us to believe that we are powerless, because that belief in itself makes people powerless.  We are not powerless and we can make a huge difference together.